Can a Cactus Be Kept in a Bedroom?

Plants can be demanding, and while some do great in any environment, others do not and need certain things to flourish. Some areas may be great for plants while others may not, depending on your living space. If you have cacti, you may be wondering if they can be kept in the bedroom. 

You can keep a cactus in a bedroom as long as it has access to the proper amount of sunlight. You’ll also want to make sure your bedroom is relatively dry so that the cactus isn’t living with too much moisture. 

This article will discuss more about keeping a cactus in your bedroom, great cactus options, and Feng Shui regarding your cactus. 

Keeping a Cactus in Your Bedroom

A cactus can be kept anywhere in your house as long as it has access to sunlight and the room is relatively dry. For example, you wouldn’t want to put your cactus in a room with a humidifier. If your bedroom has a window, it’s best to put it near the window or somewhere the sunlight will reach it. 

If you have pets, you’ll want to keep your cactus out of their reach if they are curious animals. You definitely don’t want them trying to bite or play with your cactus. 

Optimizing Cactus Placement

If you decide to put a cactus or multiple cacti in your bedroom, it might be hard to determine what area of the room would be best. You’ll also want to make sure the cacti can get sunlight wherever you decide to place them. 


A great idea would be a good-sized windowsill so that they can get sunlight while decorating your window. Placing them like this will also look super cute from the outside of your home.  

Plant Hangers

Hanging your cacti using plant hangers not only frees up valuable floor space but also adds a unique visual element to your bedroom decor.

Plant Stands

Multi-tiered plant stands or corner shelves can provide a dedicated space for your cacti, keeping them organized and accessible.

Cactus Species That Thrive in Low Light

If your bedroom has minimal light, there are a few types of cactus that do well in low-light conditions. These include Scarlet Ball, Crown, Zebra, and Christmas cactus.

Some bedrooms don’t have windows, and some have tiny windows that don’t let in a lot of light.

If this is the case, then these cacti are viable options: 

Scarlet Ball Cactus

Characterized by its small, round shape and red and yellow flowers, the Scarlet Ball Cactus flourishes in low-light conditions.

Crown Cactus

Often grown in clusters with flowers blooming between them, the Crown Cactus adapts well to low-light environments, although it prefers ample sunlight.

Zebra Cactus

Known for its ease of care, the Zebra Cactus thrives in low-light settings and even exhibits a reddish hue when exposed to excessive sunlight.

Christmas Cactus

Requiring reduced sunlight for its flowers to bloom, the Christmas Cactus is suitable for bedrooms with minimal natural light.

Health Benefits of Keeping Cacti Indoors

Believe it or not, having a cactus in your bedroom comes with several health benefits. Not only are cacti aesthetically pleasing, but they can also help you in many different ways. 

Keeping a cactus indoors can:

Improved Air Quality

Cacti can absorb carbon monoxide from the air and convert it into oxygen, enhancing the overall air quality in your home.

Stress Reduction

Having plants in your home has been known to decrease stress levels. Plants can help create a calm, relaxing environment. It has also been proven that plants in hospital rooms have helped patients recover faster due to the comfortable environment they create. 

Noise Reduction

Cactus are fantastic to have in your home because they can absorb noise, make your home quieter, and enable you to hear those noisy neighbors a little less. So, if there’s noise keeping you awake at night, keep some cacti in your bedroom to help reduce the sounds. 

Feng Shui

In ancient Chinese culture, Feng Shui is the belief that arranging things in your home, such as furniture, plants, etc., can affect the flow of good or bad energy in your home. There are different rules for each room and particular areas in the room to reach the highest level of good energy. 

Cacti are considered bad energy because of their spikes and are only “allowed” in specific areas of your home, such as at the front or back door.

According to Feng Shui, it is not recommended to place a cactus in your bedroom as it is believed to invite negative energy and imbalance into the space. This belief stems from the notion that cacti’s spiky spines radiate negative energy.

Some people believe that putting a cactus in your bedroom can lead to feelings of itchiness and poking, even though there is no physical harm. It is said that the spines of the cactus can project negative energy, which is why it is important to consider the principles of Feng shui when decorating your bedroom.

According to the principles of Feng shui, the answer to the question “Can a cactus be kept in a bedroom?” would be a firm “no”.

However, if we consider this question from a horticultural perspective, then the answer is “yes”, you can keep a cactus in your bedroom if you prefer to. Just make sure that it receives enough sunlight to stay healthy.

Pets and Cacti

You’ll want to be careful when bringing cacti into your home for those who have four-legged family members. It is evident that cacti are not suitable for your pets to try to play with or chew on. 

Even though the cactus has spikes, many animals are curious and might try to play with or bite it when first introduced as they try to see what it’s all about. 

Keep Cacti Out of Reach

So, you must keep your cacti out of reach or train your pets not to mess with them. Doing so is for their safety and the health of your wallet because no one wants an unexpected vet visit. 

Use Orange Peels

Pets like cats and dogs don’t like the bitter citrus taste of oranges. Placing orange peels on top of the soil has been known to help deter them from wanting to mess with your plants and doing so won’t harm the plants. 

Offer Cat Grass

You can also purchase cat grass for your cats. This plant is entirely safe and meant for cats to bite and chew on. The plant will give them something to keep them busy and keep their attention off yours. 


It’s acceptable for you to keep a cactus in the bedroom as long as it gets the sunlight it needs and the room is relatively dry. You can place your cactus on a shelf, a stand on the floor, or in a plant hanger as long as it’s getting sunlight. 

If you believe in Feng shui, then a cactus should not be in your bedroom because it’s said to bring negative energy. However, this decision is entirely up to you. In place of a cactus, you can put flowers in your bedroom.

If you have pets make sure to keep them away from your cactus because it can cause them harm.

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