Can a Cactus Be Kept in an Office?

Many people who have an office job like to add plants to make the space feel more relaxed and for decorative purposes. Cacti are popular plants for various reasons, but can they be kept in an office?

A cactus can be kept in an office as they are hardy and low-maintenance plants; however, the plant must have access to the resources it needs to survive. Your cactus may even thrive if you provide these suitable conditions. Your office cactus requires sunlight, water, and a good draining pot.

The workplace can sometimes feel like being in a jail cell, especially in minimalist setups without the distraction of plants. A cactus is a great low-maintenance option to brighten up your workspace and bring a bit of outside into your office. In this article, I will discuss how to keep a cactus in your office, its benefits, and some great options for your office cacti.

Caring for a Cactus in the Office

When having cacti in your office, you must have the proper resources needed for your cactus to thrive. Most cacti need a good amount of sunlight, so if your office doesn’t have windows, you could risk them dying pretty soon. However, there is a way around this which we will get into in the next section. 


If your office has windows, you should have no issues as long as you follow the general guidelines of care and it can be near the window for proper sun exposure. One of the top reasons a cactus dies in an office environment is due to lack of sunlight. For general information on cactus care, take a look at this article: Can a Cactus Be Kept in a Bedroom?


The only con of having a cactus in the office is that it adds to a list of things you must do because it requires care. However, they don’t require insane care and are pretty easy to look after. You don’t need to water your Cacti too often, so for the most part, you can leave them be. 


It would be best if you had a draining flower pot for your cactus so that excess water isn’t causing harm to your cacti.


You’ll also want to ensure you give your cactus some fertilizer often, especially if they have been in the same pot for an extended time. Even though cacti require limited nutrients and are adapted to survive desert weather, a little fertilizer can do wonders for your indoor cactus. 

The best type of fertilizer, according to Cactusway, for a cactus is nitrogen, Potassium, and phosphorus. Having these three will aid in growth, blooming, and overall health. 

Using Artificial Light

If your office has no windows or minimal sunlight, but you have your heart set on having a cactus, then don’t worry because there is a way around this issue. You can use artificial lights to provide light for your cacti. 

Artificial light does not mean whatever lights are installed in your office will work. Supreme grow light states that you will need unique lights that have red-yellow lights and blue-violet light components. You can purchase these in your office to go to a specific area where you keep your cactus. These lights provide the necessary UV rays for plants just as the sun would. 

You don’t have to have these as an overhead light; you can keep your regular office lighting and get grow lamps with these specific types of lights in them to care for your cacti. You’ll want to set your cacti close to these lamps. There are smaller options available that you can easily add to your office or fit on limited desk space.

Benefits of Having a Cactus in Your Office

Now that we’ve gone over how to care for an office cactus let’s discuss the benefits of having one or multiple of them. Not only do they add a more comfortable feel to your office and double as decor, but they also have benefits such as helping the air quality and absorbing noise.

Reducing the Amount of Carbon Dioxide in the Air

We all know that humans need to consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide. So, what does this have to do with a cactus? Well, cacti are known for reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that’s in the air.

Reducing carbon dioxide is essential because excess carbon dioxide can cause anxiety, restlessness, and headaches. So, having a few cacti in your office can help reduce this, making for a more enjoyable and stress-free work environment. 

Office Plants Increase Productivity

Scientific studies have shown that offices that contain plants such as cacti increase staff members’ productivity by up to 15%. Offices devoid of plants contribute to workers experiencing a diminished quality of life. 

Research has proven that enriching office spaces with green options such as cacti improve office life in the following ways:

  • Increased self-reported concentration levels
  • Increased workspace satisfaction
  • Enhanced perception of indoor air quality. 

Choosing a Mini Cacti for Your Office 

The mini cactus plants are popular in an office due to the small space they take up and not to mention just how cute these tiny plants are. These mini cacti hardly grow bigger than when you get them making them great for limited office space. You can also put several in one larger flower pot to make for a lovely cactus garden.

Most mini cacti have the same type of care instructions as regular-sized cacti, a good amount of sun, and don’t overwater it. Here are some of the top picks for mini cacti for your office.

  • Saguaro Cactus: This particular cactus will get pretty big, but it will take years for that to happen. It’ll take ten years for this cactus to reach 1 inch of height making it a great desk plant for years to come. 
  • Mini Cholla Cactus: Another great cactus for your office is the Mini Cholla Cactus. This cactus does very well indoors and branches out sort of like a tree, just small. The Mini Cholla has many spikes, so be careful when handling this one. 
  • Mini Christmas Cactus: This cactus is more available in the fall and winter, as you might’ve guessed, with its moniker being a December holiday. It has beautiful pink and red flowers and is a little bigger than the cacti we’ve discussed above, but it still is not a large plant. This cactus is different as it doesn’t look stiff and spikey like most cacti. 
  • Mini Rat Tail Cactus: A cactus named after a rat sounds like it might not be pretty, but don’t let the name fool you. This cactus is spiky but has long leaves* that, as they grow longer, droop or hang off the side of the pot. Almost like a spider plant, but spikier. 
  • Fairy Castle Cactus: This particular cactus gets its name from how it grows. The limbs grow at different height levels, resembling the shape of a mini fairy castle. The cactus is super cute and will easily fit on your desk or a shelf in your office. 
  • Mini Feather Cactus: The mini feather cactus grows in clusters of short stems with white spines. The white spines being so close together resembles a feather-like appearance all over the cactus. It’s pretty small in size and, with its unique look, will have all your coworkers asking about it. 

Final Thoughts

You can keep your cactus in an office with access to proper watering, sunlight, and the correct type of flower pot. If you have no windows or limited sunlight, you can purchase specific lamps with red-yellow and blue-violet rays that give your cacti the same type of light as the sun. 

Cacti benefit your office by removing carbon dioxide from the air and aiding in the quality of life in your office. Cacti are low-maintenance plants. There are various options for finding a cactus for your office, but mini cacti are the most popular.

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