Can You Move a Greenhouse Without Dismantling It?

It can feel a bit overwhelming if you inherited a greenhouse or simply are looking to move your own to a new location on your property. In addition, moving an entire greenhouse is no easy task, so you might be wondering if you can move the structure without dismantling it. 

You can move a greenhouse without dismantling it; if it’s small, you have the proper equipment and enough people to help lift it. However, it’s much easier to disassemble (even partially) a greenhouse before moving it. 

In the rest of this article, I will discuss the simplest methods for moving your conservatory, the best way to move a greenhouse in one piece, and much more. So be sure to read on to learn how to move your greenhouse without making too much work for yourself. 

What Is the Easiest Way To Move a Greenhouse?

Greenhouses are amazing inventions, and if you have the opportunity to acquire one, you definitely should. However, now that you know what factors you should plan for before attempting to relocate a greenhouse, it’s time to discuss the easiest method for moving one. 

The easiest way to move a greenhouse is to take a photo before dismantling the greenhouse and labeling where each piece goes before transporting the separate parts to the new location. Glass is fragile, and you should store the materials appropriately to prevent broken frames or glass.

Sadly, moving a giant greenhouse all in one piece isn’t always practical and can result in many of your panels falling off and breaking. However, if you have a smaller greenhouse, it’s certainly possible to move the small structure a short distance without issue, and I will go over just how to do that. 

How To Move Your Greenhouse in One Piece

Though not entirely practical, you can move a greenhouse in one piece. If your conservatory is relatively small and you have enough help, it is 100% possible to move a greenhouse without dismantling the entire structure. 

Items you will need to move your greenhouse in one piece:

  • A shovel.
  • Gloves.
  • One person for every corner and side of your greenhouse. 

How to move a greenhouse without taking it apart:

  1. Dig out the dirt floor away from the bottom part of the greenhouse frame. By dislodging any dirt holding your greenhouse, you will have an easier time moving the structure in one piece.
  2. Ensure that you prepare the new space. Before moving your greenhouse, ensure that the new area is ready to receive the structure, i.e., dirt flattened, weeds removed, rocks out of the way. 
  3. Have one person stand outside each corner of the greenhouse and all the sides. You will want the people holding corners to lift from the outside while staggering the side holders inside and outside the greenhouse. 
  4. Walk the greenhouse slowly to its new place. It helps if you have another person guiding the process as the people lifting will not see where they are going.
  5. Set the structure down carefully. Gently set the greenhouse down in its new spot, being cautious of everyone’s hands and feet as you set the structure down. 

So as you can see, the process of moving an entire greenhouse isn’t too complicated. However, it can still be tricky if the structure is heavy or has severe sun damage. So be careful and assess your greenhouse before attempting to move it. 

If you are a visual learner, you should watch Foodscape Tips’s video on manually moving a greenhouse from one spot in a yard to another. They do a great job of showing you how quick and easy this process can be with enough help. 

How To Move Your Greenhouse by Dismantling It

Last but not least, I will walk you through how you can easily move your greenhouse by dismantling it. Depending on the size of your greenhouse, you may not need to disassemble the entire thing, but generally, you will want to remove any glass panes or unsteady beams. So let’s get started.

You will need:

  • Gloves.
  • A Shovel.
  • A Screwdriver.
  • Tape.
  • Sharpie.
  • Ziplock bag or another container.
  • Cloth to protect glass panes from breaking.

Steps for moving your greenhouse by dismantling it:

  1. Take a photo of the structure. A reference photo will help you put the greenhouse back together more easily after transport. 
  2. Remove all glass or other paneling carefully. Before completely disassembling your greenhouse, removing the glass is vital as it’s the most breakable component. 
  3. Wrap glass panels in cloth and carefully stack. You will want to wrap any glass in a soft material to prevent breaking as you transport it. 
  4. Label each panel with tape and a sharpie. By labeling each glass pane, you should have an easier time when it comes to reassembling the greenhouse. 
  5. Disassemble metal beams from the top down. You should start unscrewing the top beams before working on the bottom ones, as this will ensure the structure doesn’t cave in on you as you work. 
  6. Label each beam as you work with tape and a sharpie. Be sure to write terms that make sense so you don’t try to guess where each piece should go. 
  7. Label and place any screws, nuts, or bolts in a ziplock or other container for safekeeping. If you organize your screws and bolts beforehand, you can dive right into reassembling instead of running to the store for more supplies. 
  8. Transport with care. When moving all the broken-down pieces, you must ensure that the glass remains safe and that you move the structure carefully to prevent structural damage. 

Overall the deconstruction process isn’t incredibly complicated, just time-consuming. But if done correctly, you should be able to reassemble your greenhouse relatively easily. 

Factors To Consider Before Moving Your Greenhouse

Moving a greenhouse is a huge pain and is not recommended unless you have to. However, if you need to move one, you have come to the right place. Before jumping straight to the relocation portion of your greenhouse project, you should consider a few factors.

Greenhouse moving factors you should consider:

  1. Location: It’s essential that you already have a location picked out for where you will move your greenhouse. Measuring the new space and taking reference photos is a great way to ensure no surprises when moving your greenhouse somewhere new, like against the side of your home, to create an attached greenhouse.
  2. Prep work: Before moving your greenhouse, you should already have its new home prepped and ready to receive the structure. Greenhouses are notoriously difficult to move, and having a place to put them will make your project that much easier.
  3. Materials: The material of your greenhouse will significantly affect how hard it is to move and how much prep is required. You may need to deconstruct heavier materials like glass paneling and metal to move them safely. 
  4. Age: Older greenhouses may be more likely to fall apart due to rotted beams or rotten seals. So you must inspect and address these issues before attempting to move an old run-down greenhouse in one piece. 
  5. Help: How many people are available to help you lift the greenhouse? More hands will make your greenhouse relocation project easier, especially since there will be a lot of lifting involved. 
  6. Transportation distance: If you are transporting the structure in a vehicle, you will need to take more steps to ensure that you move the greenhouse safely, and you will likely need to move the system in multiple pieces. 

Relocating a greenhouse is possible; it’s simply a matter of planning and ensuring you have a good team of people to help you if it’s a larger structure. You will also want to check that the greenhouse you are attempting to move is structurally sound; otherwise, there is a good chance it will break as you move it. 


You can move a greenhouse without dismantling the structure. However, moving an entire greenhouse will be much easier if the structure is smaller, you have the right equipment, and plenty of strong people to help you lift it to its new home. 

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