9 Reasons Why You Would Germinate Seeds in a Paper Towel

Germinating seeds can be time-consuming and stressful if you’re in a rush to get your seeds to sprout. There are many methods for germination, but one method, the paper towel method, stands above the others. So why is the paper towel method so effective, and why should you use it? 

The reason why you would germinate seeds in a paper towel is to speed up the germination process and to give yourself an easy way to monitor the seed’s progress. In addition, using a paper towel to germinate seeds is an easy, cheap, and effective way to test them and prepare them for planting. 

In the rest of this article, I will discuss the many reasons germinating seeds using the paper towel method is so effective. So if you want to learn more about the fantastic benefits of sprouting seeds using a paper towel, read on. 

1. It Speeds Up the Germination Process

The most crucial reason germinating seeds in a paper towel is so practical is how it speeds up the growth process and lengthens a seed’s growing season. The moisture from the paper towel provides a steady supply of water for the seeds, and when placed in the sun, the seeds have everything they need to sprout quickly.

Typically you can expect most seeds to germinate within 10 days of placing them in a damp paper towel. However, some varieties of seeds take longer to sprout, so it’s essential to do your research before throwing in the towel. 

So why exactly is the paper towel method so effective for faster growth? 

  • The paper towel supplies moisture to the seeds when placed inside a ziplock bag.
  • The water is heated when placed somewhere warm, like a window. 
  • This heat, combined with water, creates ideal humidity for the seeds and promotes rapid growth. 
  • The seed is kept safe from unwanted contaminants and pests. 
  • The seed gets a chance to grow before being subjected to the outdoor elements. 

As you can see, the paper towel method is effective since it essentially acts as a small greenhouse for your seeds.

2. To Test Germination Capability 

Another reason the paper towel method works so well is its ability to test old seeds for viability. Unfortunately, most seeds only live several years before becoming impossible to germinate, and the paper towel method is a quick way to test for just that.

Of course, there are faster ways to test bad seeds; however, this method remains one of the most thorough. The test seeds can easily be planted in your garden once sprouted and ready to transfer. 

If the seeds are healthy, they should begin to sprout after several days; if not, you will know the seeds aren’t viable. The bad seeds need to be thrown out or composted. Again, some types of seeds will take longer to sprout. So always factor in the seed type when waiting for growth. 

3. It’s More Cost Effective 

The paper towel method for generating new garden seeds is highly cost-effective. There is a good chance you already have everything you need in your kitchen to get started. 

To successfully sprout your seeds using a paper towel, all you will need is the following:

  • A paper towel
  • A ziplock bag
  • Seeds
  • Water

You can easily accrue them at your local store if you don’t already own the necessary material for the paper towel germination method. Using a napkin or other light paper material can also be effective. However, you don’t want the paper to be too dense, as it can hinder your ability to watch the seeds’ growth progress. 

4. Paper Towels Retain Moisture Better 

Another reason this method is so great is the paper towels’ ability to retain moisture. New seeds need plenty of water and humidity to sprout. Placing your seeds on a damp paper towel ensures they get moisture.

A damp paper towel paired with a ziplock bag also ensures the moisture is locked in with the seed. That moisture is then heated up, ensuring the seeds are in a warm, humid environment, ideal for plant growth. 

The constant moisture supply means you won’t have to water your seeds while you wait for them to germinate, making the process pretty hands-off. However, if done right, you shouldn’t have to mess with the seed’s paper towel until the seeds are ready to be moved. 

5. It Traps Heat 

As I briefly discussed, using a damp paper towel to germinate seeds is an excellent method for trapping heat. Seeds sprout faster and easier when warm, which is why many gardeners invest in heat mats or lamps for sprouting new plants. 

However, you don’t need to get so high-tech to sprout your new seeds quickly. A damp paper towel in a zip lock bag will easily do the trick so long as it’s placed somewhere warm. Typically you want to keep your paper towel seedlings in a window seal or taped to a window pane

You want to choose a window that gets plenty of sunlight. The best location will generally be your south-facing windows. However, you must monitor the temperature of the seed. You don’t want to place the seeds in a window where they are cooked by the sun. In contrast, if the temperature drops outside, you don’t want them pressed against the cold glass. 

So if you find outside temperatures unpredictable, it’s best to set the bag near the window but not directly against the glass. 

6. The Growth Process Is Easier To Observe

Germinating your seeds on a damp paper towel makes their growth far easier to observe, especially when paired with a ziplock bag. You will know precisely what stage of growth your seeds are in without having to disturb them. 

Additionally, you will be able to know more quickly if the seeds aren’t viable or if they have sprouted up. Seeing the seeds means you can get them in the ground and start far more quickly. Plus, you can also get rid of any seeds that aren’t healthy rather than wasting your time trying to grow them. 

Plus, if you have young children in the home, this method can be a fun way to show them more about gardening. Kids can easily observe as the seeds begin to sprout and get excited about the growth process, as I’ll discuss further below.

7. It Makes Less of a Mess 

This kind of germination is fantastic because it’s practically mess-free

Unfortunately, most methods for germinating new seeds require using messy soil, and these containers can easily get knocked over by children or pets. 

With the paper towel germination process, all materials involved are easily cleaned up and can be recycled after use. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the smell of dirt in your home since this method only uses a paper towel. 

Plus, storing the bag of seeds in your home is less of an eye sore and can easily be stashed so as not to detract from your home’s appearance. Just remember to plant your seeds once they have sprouted. Otherwise, you will eventually end up with moldy seeds which will stink. 

8. It Takes Up Less Space 

Along with the cleaning process taking so little time, using a paper towel to germinate your seeds also takes up far less space. Using a paper towel and a ziplock bag is a fantastic way to sprout many seeds without wasting too much space. 

The ziplock bags full of seeds can easily be dispersed near windows in your home while you wait 1-2 weeks for the seeds to be ready for transplanting. Additionally, you can fit more seeds using a large freezer bag instead of a small sandwich bag. 

Essentially, if you live somewhere with a mild climate, you will be able to generate as many seeds as you can fit in your windows. So this means you can sprout twice as many seeds as you usually would without using too much home space since you won’t need soil and small planters. 

9. The Process Is Great for Children

Finally, using a paper towel to sprout your garden seeds is a fantastic way to educate your children. Since the process is so simple, kids can easily get involved and grow their own bags of seeds to plant. Plus, they will likely enjoy the learning process and getting to help you grow things in the garden. 

Additionally, the see-through bag provides your kids with a window into the world of seed growth and will help them better understand where the food they eat comes from. Plus, if your children are a bit older, this is a great time to introduce concepts like the greenhouse effect

Otherwise, your littles will enjoy checking on the seeds each day and watching them grow. Sprouting their seeds is also a great way to encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. You can also turn germinating seeds into a fun game for them to enjoy. So using the paper towel method for germination is a win-win.

Alexander Picot

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