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Gardening is a hobby that more than half of us share. But for those of us who vividly remember those early days, we know firsthand that developing that “green thumb” can be quite overwhelming for beginners.

At TheGrowingLeaf, we understand the challenges of gardening — because we’ve been there! As horticulture experts, we’re now committed to providing you with the latest and greatest techniques to turn your backyard (or home) into a lush, inviting, green space.

Welcome to TheGrowingLeaf!

TheGrowingLeaf.com is a gardening website dedicated to providing practical and easy-to-understand guides covering all aspects of gardening. Dr. Moritz Alexander Picot started this site back in 2022 in pursuit of sharing the knowledge behind his green thumb with the world. 

Our #1 goal is to offer an unbiased, honest approach to gardening that gives you the inspiration, ideas, and confidence to accomplish your gardening goals. 

Whether you’re neatening up an unkempt garden, propagating your first batch of tomatoes, pruning your hydrangeas in the spring, or planning an at-home aquaponics system, TheGrowingLeaf has your answers.

Our Simple Yet Expert Approach

At TheGrowingLeaf, our mission is to provide easy-to-understand guides that cater to gardeners of all levels and skill sets.

Our practical garden care tips are designed to give you magazine-style results without the headache and stress. We believe gardening doesn’t have to be expensive or frustrating, and we strive to help you achieve your goals with practical, budget-friendly, and — most importantly — proven solutions.

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TheGrowingLeaf is a community environment for all to grow and flourish, and we welcome you to join the fun! Read our articles, leave a comment, ask questions, and connect with other gardening fanatics in the community.

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If you have any questions or want to get in touch, feel free to reach out to us. You can email Moritz at alex@thegrowingleaf.com or contact our customer care team.

About Our Team

At TheGrowingLeaf, we have a growing team of gardening enthusiasts who share a passion for helping others turn their outdoor spaces into beautiful gardens and turn their indoor spaces into cozy green wonderlands.

Dr. Moritz Alexander Picot


Dr. Moritz Alexander Picot discovered his love for gardening 25+ years ago. Inspired by his mother’s passion for tending to the garden, Moritz spent countless days in the family garden pulling weeds, transplanting young seedlings, pruning dead leaves, and more!

In 2022, Moritz decided to share his passion for horticulture with the world through TheGrowingLeaf. He has since written over 1,000 articles covering a wide range of horticulture topics, from fertilizing and amending to plant selection and garden upkeep.

Madison Moulton


Madison is a professional editor and garden writer covering outdoors and lifestyle. She writes for digital and print publications and focuses on trends and developments in the garden industry.