Trellis vs. Pole: Which Is Better for a Monstera?

Several options for a sturdy support method for your Monstera plant include wooden stakes, poles, trellis, and bamboo stakes. Two of the most common options are trellis and poles, but which is better for a Monstera?

A moss pole is better for a Monstera because it more closely imitates the Monstera plant’s natural environment. Additionally, moss poles work better to provide more nutrients to the plant’s stems. Both work well to provide support, but a trellis is a good option for large Monstera plants.

This article will detail the benefits of using a trellis versus a pole for a Monstera plant, why support is ideal for these plants, and excellent trellis and pole suggestions for your Monstera.

Why You Should Use a Support for Monstera Plants

Monstera plants can grow to be huge, both indoors and outdoors. In fact, Monstera Deliciosa plants, in particular, can reach up to 10-15 feet (3.05-4.57 meters) indoors! And, without the proper support, this massive plant will spread horizontally, which will take up a lot of space in your home.

Along with taking up a lot of space, here are several other reasons why supporting a Monstera plant is ideal:

Monstera Plants Are Epiphytes

The epiphyte designation means that Monsteras are plants that like to cling to and climb other nearby plants, which in the wild are usually trees.

It Encourages Healthier Leaf & Stem Development

Leaves and stems that trail across the floor may not receive adequate sunlight or the proper nutrients to flourish.

It Makes the Monstera Look Better

A vigorous Monstera plant standing tall looks much better than one with weak stems trailing along the ground.

Now that you know some of the importance of using support for Monstera plants, it’s time to discuss which is better for you: trellis or pole.

Benefits of Using a Moss Pole

For many reasons, using a moss pole for a Monstera plant is the best support option. It’s also one of the most commonly used support options, as it’s easy to install.

Let’s get into the many reasons why moss poles are great for Monstera plants.

They Imitate the Plant’s Natural Environment

As mentioned, moss poles closely resemble a Monstera plant’s natural environment. Using a moss pole as a support structure is ideal, as it’s as close as it gets to growing your Monstera in the wild.

Monsteras commonly grow on tree trunks in nature, which undoubtedly means they encounter moss, so using a moss pole gives the plant a little more of a natural feel.

However, if you use a moss pole for your plant, ensure that you keep it moist and mist it often, providing the most benefits. I’ll get more into this in the next section.

Provide Additional Nutrients

Along with mimicking the plant’s natural environment, moss poles provide additional nutrients that Monsteras wouldn’t usually get with a different support method, such as a trellis or stake.

Keeping moss poles moist is ideal, as the aerial roots on the plant will attach to the wet pole, which provides the plant with more support. Additionally, the moist moss poles will allow the roots to absorb the water and send more nutrients to the roots and the stems.

Encourage Better Leaf & Stem Growth

The absorption of more nutrients is related to the better leaf and stem growth that moss poles offer Monstera plants. Moss poles also help leaf and stem development because it keeps the stems and leaves off the ground and near the sun, encouraging them to grow strong and healthy.

Benefits of Using a Trellis for Monstera

A trellis is a beautiful way to showcase your Monstera plant, especially one that you like to grow exceptionally big. Although moss poles are typically “better” for the plant’s overall health, trellis still offers fantastic benefits.

While many people may think of trellis and picture the typical trellis you see out in the garden, that’s not always the case! You can find many unique versions for indoor and outdoor plants.

But, before we look at these, let’s get into the fantastic benefits trellis can offer your Monsteras:

A Trellis Supports Tall Monstera

While poles can support Monstera plants as they grow, the plants often outgrow the poles. However, with a trellis, it’s not as easy for the plant to outgrow it. Of course, this depends on how big your Monstera gets and the size of your trellis.

If you’re someone who likes to let their Monstera plant grow as tall as it can, using a trellis is the best option.

Offers More Room to Climb

Many trellis designs are more expansive, offering the plant more space to expand and grow.

A trellis allows Monstera plants to grow more in every direction while still being controlled. However, with a pole, the Monstera’s stems will wrap around it, and that’s it.

This wrapping preference isn’t to say that a pole won’t allow Monstera to grow because it definitely will, but if you want your Monstera to branch out more and grow more expansive, a trellis is an excellent option.

It Is Unique & Creative

Lastly, a trellis allows you to take a more creative approach to support your Monstera plant. Luckily, trellis comes in various sizes, colors, and designs, so there is a trellis that suits everyone’s needs!

Rather than using a moss pole (which, for the most part, all look the same), using a trellis allows you to be unique and support your large Monstera in a fun, creative way.

In the next section, I’ll review several of my favorite trellis designs for Monstera plants.

Final Thoughts

When choosing between a pole or a trellis for a Monstera plant, it’s best to go with a moss pole. Although both offer the same benefit of supporting the Monstera plant as it grows, moss poles provide additional nutrients that trellis don’t.

Despite this, both options are excellent when growing tall Monstera plants, so choose whatever works best for you!

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